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The effect of too many changes all at once can be overwhelming. Make a few key adjustments and take notice of the shift in energy in your space before you continue with more adjustments.

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Feng Shui Manifestations

Feng Shui Manifestations

Feng Shui Manifestations Owner and Founder Manminder Jagait is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner from the Canadian Schools of Feng Shui. She combines the essence of interior design trends/styles and the Feng Shui principles to help you maintain and ease the flow of ‘Chi' (energy) throughout your home and business environment.

By being aware of how our everyday objects affect us; we can modify, change and uplift our natural state of being present. Manminder's advice and consultancy skills have helped clients maintain peaceful surroundings, using the art and science of home and work placement décor in the form of furniture selection, clearing out clutter, colour design, artistic enhancements and implementation of the traditional Chinese Feng Shui amulets.

For regular Feng Shui advice and tips, follow Manminder on Twitter @MJagait

Manminder lives and works in Toronto.