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Shift the energy of your space in a way that suits your personal style, preferences and décor – choose meaningful objects and colours that you love.

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Special Offers

30mm Crystal - Antique Green
This antique green Swarovski 30mm crystal is a stunning blue/green colour. Incorporating both colours, this crystal is another ideal colour cure for the Family or Skills and Knowledge Guas. ... read more »
Special $27.95
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30mm Crystal - Emerald Green
COLOUR OF THE MONTH. This striking emerald green Swarovski 30mm crystal encourages nourishing and supportive family energy. The expansive, growing and upward moving characteristics add a burst of energy ... read more »
Special $27.95
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30mm Crystal - Peridot Green
COLOUR OF THE MONTH. Use these beautiful peridot green Swarovski 30mm crystals when you need to get the family energy flowing. If you need to improve family relationships; if you're having trouble paying the ... read more »
Special $27.95
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Bagua Mirror
The Bagua Mirror is a traditional Feng Shui cure for the outside of your home. It attracts good energy into your home from the neighbourhood, while redirecting negative energy away from your space. ... read more »
Special $11.95
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Yin Yang Art Design
All things in the Universe have two opposite yet complementary energies - Yin and Yang. Both energy forces are essential. ... read more »
Special $4.45
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Crystal Heaven
Receive all 9 colour crystals for this amazing price (includes FREE Complete Guide to Feng Shui Crystals book, value $15.95).
Red, Pink, Green, Antique Green, Purple, Amethyst, ... read more »
Special $254.95
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Feng Shui for Dummies, 2nd Edition
Feng Shui for Dummies, by David Daniel Kennedy, shows you how to feel and access the energy of your environment. Find out how your environment influences your life right now. ... read more »
Special $22.95
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Convex Round Mirror - 3 inch
This 3" Convex Mirror can direct and alter the flow of energy in your environment. The double-sided adhesive backing makes it simple to secure on most surfaces and the silver coloured frame ... read more »
Special $5.05
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