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Clearing clutter is a positive conduit for change – you will be amazed at the energy shift that this simple adjustment can trigger.

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Special Offers

30mm Crystal - Peridot Green
Use these beautiful peridot green Swarovski 30mm crystals when you need to get the family energy flowing. If you need to improve family relationships; if you're having trouble paying the ... read more »
Special $27.95
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Practitioner’s Advanced Bagua Map
This comprehensive laminated Bagua Map includes advanced features and characteristics for each gua, plus the building and reducing Five Elements Cycle.... read more »
Special $7.95
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Sacred Space Clearings & Blessings Liquid Smudge
NEW! This powerful Liquid Smudge by Home Healings is hand blended to clear unwanted and dense energies leaving the space with a high vibration filled with Divine love and light. ... read more »
Special $27.95
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Convex Round Mirror - 3 inch
This 3" Convex Mirror can direct and alter the flow of energy in your environment. The double-sided adhesive backing makes it simple to secure on most surfaces and the silver coloured frame ... read more »
Special $5.45
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Sandalwood Incense
Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years by many cultures to cleanse energy. In Feng Shui, it is commonly used for space clearings. ... read more »
Special $4.45
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Green Crystal with Plant
BTB Feng Shui Bagua Note Card
According to BTB Feng Shui, the colour green represents growth and new beginnings and is associated with the Family sector ... read more »
Special $4.45
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